What video game had the best game reviews this week?

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There were a multitude of video game reviews this week released between October 30th and November 4th. The highlight this week was Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The newest title in EA’s flagship shooter series was met with mostly positive reviews. Metacritic, widely known as gaming’s go to source for gaming reviews, currently has the title at an impressive 81% rating. The top review from the Telegraph states “This is, for our future space credits, the best Call of Duty package in,years.” In addition to this, the game also came with a free copy of an old classic, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This title is just one point above it’s main attraction at an 82% positive rating. As of right now, both titles are Playstation 4 exclusives with support for other consoles coming in the future.

Continuing with the Playstation 4, BlazBlue: Central Fiction also released this week. Players can rest assured that this new 2D fighting game is a hit with an 81% overall rating. However, newest visual novel game Root Letter didn’t fare so well. The title came up with a 71% rating. Even worse, Earth’s Dawn came in slightly lower at 67% positive. The fighting game failed to impress most critics. Playstation Lifestyle described the game with “There is plenty to like about the combat in Earth’s Dawn, but the game doesn’t manage to reach its full potential.”

PC gamers got some pleasant game reviews this week as well. Owlboy, an adventure game that lets players fly and explore the open skies, debuted to critical acclaim. The game received a high 90% rating. Managing football teams also seems to be something gamers are really interested in. Football Manager 2017 came in at 80% favorable reviews.

The Sims made a comeback to PC this week with an all new expansion. The Sims: City Living takes players from the suburbs to the big city. However, the new expansion debuted to mixed reviews. JeuxActu states, “While being quite light on content, The Sims 4: City Life is a nice add-on to the game which brings a few but nice locations with enough variety to keep you entertained.” Altogether, City Living stands at an average 74% rating.

Titanfall 2 was the final game to come to PC this week. The first person shooter impressed gamers enough to score an 86% positive rating. Forbes in particular had some high remarks for the shooting game. The review states, “Titanfall 2 is a masterpiece of game design that breathes life into the first-person shooter genre and treats its audience with respect.”

Elsewhere, Nintendo released the newest title in the gaming giant’s Mario Party series. Mario Party: Star Rush is a brand new multiplayer board game for the Nintendo 3DS that came out with an average 70% rating. This seems to be the norm for this series as most entries rank within the 70-80% range. Areajugones commented, “Mario Party: Star Rush is a game with great parts and weak parts, which results in a very entertaining game for a few hours, but it will fail to entertain the player more time due to its lack of variety.”

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